Easy Install Script

What is the easy install script?
This is a simple perl script, which gets agenda programs over the net and installs them on your agenda PDA. It also adds the correct lauchpad icons.
You need to copy the into a directory where you have write access, and run it from that directory in order to work. The you can use the following commands:

./ listlists all available apps
./ install [appname]installs the requested app
./ updateupdate package list and script
./ ei2vrp [appname]create .vrp of of the ei package
What's new in version 1.0?
  • a lot of SNOW 1.2.0 packages are available
  • you can uninstall packages
  • both vrps and EasyInstall-tars are supported
  • rsync
  • wget
How do I make my program easy installable?
  • compile your program
  • rename you program to [programname] and your icon to [programname].xpm
  • move these files into a directory called [programname]
  • tar.gz this directory
  • send me a mail with the URL of this tar and a short description