All sources available on Bitbucket (2011-01-06 19:15:00)
The source code for all projects on this site is now available on bitbucket. If you want to contribute or grab a version with the latest changes, have a look at my bitbucket page.
New Penguin Command build for Windows (2008-11-27 12:12:00)
The latest version of Penguin Command is now also available for Windows. Thanks go to Kein-Hong Man for creating and packaging this build.
Black-box 1.4.8 released (2008-10-05 11:43:00)
This release fixes all known bugs. Thanks to Javier Serrano Polo, who did nearly all of the work on this release.
NuclearChess 1.0.0 released (2007-05-24 15:12:00)
This release should fix all known stability problems. I'll make a Mac OS X build later this year, when I'll have an Intel iMac to test the universal binary on. I don't plan to create a windows build, so it would be great if someone did this for me. Let me know if you plan to create a windows build and I will try to help.
Bumprace 1.5.2 released (2006-12-14 19:01:00)
A new Bumprace release has been uploaded for Linux and Mac OS X. An up-to-date Windows build is currently not planned, because I don't have a working working Windows build environment. It would be great if someone volunteered to compile and package a Windows release.