Nuclear Chess playable in your browser and on Android (2014-05-07 16:31:00)
Nuclear Chess has been ported to JavaScript, so that you can play right from your browser. I've also packaged it as an Android App available on Google Play. Try it and let me know what you think!

And if there's something you want to improve, feel free to dive into the code on github.
All sources available on Bitbucket (2011-01-06 19:15:00)
The source code for all projects on this site is now available on bitbucket. If you want to contribute or grab a version with the latest changes, have a look at my bitbucket page.
New Penguin Command build for Windows (2008-11-27 12:12:00)
The latest version of Penguin Command is now also available for Windows. Thanks go to Kein-Hong Man for creating and packaging this build.
Black-box 1.4.8 released (2008-10-05 11:43:00)
This release fixes all known bugs. Thanks to Javier Serrano Polo, who did nearly all of the work on this release.
NuclearChess 1.0.0 released (2007-05-24 15:12:00)
This release should fix all known stability problems. I'll make a Mac OS X build later this year, when I'll have an Intel iMac to test the universal binary on. I don't plan to create a windows build, so it would be great if someone did this for me. Let me know if you plan to create a windows build and I will try to help.